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One Stop Shop for Automated Mass Finishing and Super Finishing Machines

Fintek has represented OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH in the UK almost from when it is was founded in 1996 in Straubenhardt, Germany.

Over the past 20 years, OTEC has grown to become the world leading pioneer in the development of automated mass super finishing technology. Within their 8,000 square meter research and production centre the company embraces a culture of continuous development and are constantly expanding the applications for extreme performance finishing and superfinishing. This is now being taken a stage further to the development of a series of inline production machines that are loaded/unloaded by robot or other automated systems.

We don’t just supply OTEC equipment in the UK – we use it ourselves within our subcontract surface finishing services division serving the aerospace, motor sport and automotive industries along with precision engineers in medical devices, toolmaking, stamped, turned and machined parts. This makes us one of the UK’s most experienced subcontract metal surface finishing service and mass surface finishing machine suppliers.

We supply the full range of OTEC drag, disc and stream superfinishing systems and accessories including automated feed and separation units. We can also draw upon OTEC’s worldwide production integration and installation experience to ensure full satisfaction.

Choosing a Machine Type:

The range of mass finishing machines and options is endless. Deburring, fine grinding, smoothing, edge radiusing / honing and polishing can be optimised for perfect results, repeatable everytime. Often more than one finish can be achieved in a single process cycle to save even more time, for example deburr, smooth and edge radius a cutting tool in one go. To help you we are happy to process a test part free of charge. This will establish the best type of machine, media type, process combination and cycle time to achieve the finish you require. Typical choices could include:

  • Disc finishing: the rotation of the disc sets the polishing or grinding media in motion in the stationary drum. Contact between the workpieces and the media creates an intense finishing effect – up to 20 times faster than conventional vibratory systems.
  • Drag finishing: workpieces clamped to specially designed holders are dragged in a circular motion through media in a drum. High speed and high contact pressure often achieves edge rounding, smoothing and polishing in a single cycle.
  • Stream finishing: designed by OTEC for applications for which no satisfactory process previously existed. Tremendous processing forces enables selective removal of material faster than other surface finishing system.
  • Pulse finishing: a variation of stream finishing where the clamped workpieces are accelerated to 2,000 rpm and then decelerated immediately. The vast velocity difference between workpiece and media creates a precisely controllable abrasive effect.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Ra values to 0.01 μm
  • Large single workpieces
  • Small and very thin parts finishing
  • Mass finishing
  • Integration into inline production
  • Often achieves desired surface finish in seconds