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Aerospace Component Manufacturer Turns to Fintek to Solve Hand Deburring Bottleneck

Aerospace is possibly the most exacting and technological advanced industry there is today. However, even here, some traditional methods of engineering can still cause a manufacturing nightmare.

A leading second tier aerospace component manufacturer faced a crisis when hand deburring connectors with difficult external threads was causing a backlog and a serious month-end bottleneck.

The company approached Fintek with two parts for us to test. We made the tooling necessary to hold the parts and used an OTEC pulse head stream finishing machine. After a little time experimenting with different media and cycle times we could precisely deburr each part in five minutes per part. In the same process, edge radiusing and a degree of smoothing was achieved to yield a more finished part, saving the manufacturer even more time.

We were able to clear the backlog of components for the manufacturer in just three days. Fintek continue to process up to 300 components a month for the company, ensuring bottlenecks do not delay production.

Fintek are certified to EN9100 and we can advise you on super finishing for most aerospace engineered components. We provide a complete sub-contract service from free trial processing to full scaled-up mass finishing. One-off components are also catered for and sometimes more than one surface finish can be achieved in a single process – for example deburring, edge radiusing and polishing.


  • Optimum deburring process quickly found
  • Vast time saving over hand deburring
  • Part not only deburred but also surface finished in the same process
  • Repeatable process ensures quality
  • Backlog and bottleneck problem removed