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Surface Finishing Extremely Small and Thin Pressings, Stamped, Turned or Milled Parts

At Fintek we are experienced and well equipped to surface finish small, extremely thin, intricate and delicate pressings, stamped, turned or milled parts. We offer:

  • Deburring, edge rounding, smoothing and mirror-finish polishing
  • More than one finish is achievable in the same process cycle
  • Surface finishing to Ra 0.01μm, with minimal material loss
  • High quality, precise and repeatable surface finishing
  • Quick processing times
  • Cost effective, fast turnaround subcontract service
  • Exclusive UK agent for OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH equipment supply, including separation accessories and in-house training

Exceptionally small, thin, intricate and complex parts are common to aerospace, automotive, motorsports and other precision industries, where often they are used in larger component assemblies. In medical devices and dental, rapid advances in miniature design and manufacturing are demanding ever higher quality from surface finishing techniques.

mass surface finishing extremely small and thin parts.

Deburring, edge rounding, smoothing and polishing very small stamped and thin parts is usually a straightforward process. However, when it comes to workpieces with a thickness of less than 0.5mm, traditional surface finishing methods have difficulty applying the forces required without causing part damage. To mitigate this problem, longer and more costly processing times are normal to achieve a suitable finish. Sometimes, the result is still not satisfactory.

In addition, there are often hold-ups in separating the thin metal parts from the process finishing media because they have a tendency to stick together and to the sides of the process tub. Not achieving total separation can lead to mixing of parts of different batches which is a serious quality issue for most industries.

At Fintek we solve these issues by running OTEC CF disc finishing machines. These have a patented zero gap system that will allow extremely small and thin metal parts to be surface finished quickly, accurately and with precise repeatability.

A typical example, would be turned parts of 0.5mm diameter and material thickness of just 0.08mm. In an OTEC CF, the gap can be set to a precision of 0.05mm for a dry process and to zero for a wet process. The centrifugal forces created in a CF by the rotating disc can be up to 20 times more efficient than conventional vibratory systems.

See surface finishing thin parts in automotive case study.

For mass finishing in-house, CF machines are available in a range of processing tub capacities and configurations. A range of separation accessories ensures inline production keeps moving whilst parts are efficiently and safely separated from the process media.

OTEC CF disc finishing machines


Fintek are certified to AS9100 and can advise on super surface finishing for most aerospace precision engineered components. We work closely with engineers to develop and deliver subcontract super finishing services to meet or exceed the part’s performance and commercial objectives.