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RENA H-series – Hirtisation for Automated Support Structure and Powder Cake Removal and Smoothing of 3D Printed Metal Parts

Available exclusively from Fintek in the UK, the RENA Technologies Austria GmbH H-Series of machines use their Hirtisation® process to automate the effective:

  • Removal of AM support structures
  • Removal of powder cake and residues
  • Removal of partially melted grains
  • Levelling surface roughness while retaining edge profiles
  • Finishing of deep cavities, undercuts and other design intricacies inherent in many 3D printed parts
  • Cleaning and vacuum drying of finished parts
  • Processing of multiple parts per run

All this can be achieved in short cycle times from just 30 minutes depending on part size and target quality.

The H-Series range can process all common 3D printed metals and alloys.

Inconsistencies and time consuming hand finishing intricate 3D printed metal parts is consigned to history with the Hirtisation® process.

RENA and Hirtisation®

RENA is a global market leader in wet-chemical surface treatment technology. With extensive investment in research and development the company innovates continuously.

Hirtisation® is based on a combination of electrochemical pulse methods, hydrodynamic flow and particle assisted chemical removal and surface treatment. The material-specific treatment media used produce a gentle surface finishing effect. There are no harsh mechanical processing steps.

3D printed part before and after Hirtisation

Hirtisation® not only treats the outer surface of a metal component but is also effective at reaching deeply into cavities and geometric undercuts that are difficult to process by any other method.

The process is suitable for all common metals and alloys and all types of metal 3D printing technology such as Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS),  Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and more.

Going Beyond Hirtisation®

After removing AM support structures if the level of smoothing offered by the H-Series is not sufficient for your needs, Fintek are able to offer the OTEC high precision, high energy stream surface finishing process used for parts in F1, aerospace and medical devices. Combining this with the RENA process is only possible at Fintek and can take your surface to an amazing smoothness of Ra 0.01μm in a short process cycle.

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Stream Finishing


Machines from RENA Technologies include:

The H3000

Rena H3000 hirtisation finishing additive manufacturing metal parts

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  • Entry level – ideal for agile and on-demand 3D printing workshops
  • Part size up to 300 x 300 x 150mm
  • Handle the part feed from up to 3 AM-printers
  • Modular design for easy adaptation to suit the application – for example, ultrasonic cleaning in the medical industry

The H6000

Rena H6000 finishing 3d printed metal parts
  • Ideal for larger additive manufacturing operations
  • Parts sizes up to 500 x 500 x 350mm
  • Handle the part feed from up to 4 AM-printers
  • Can be extended by an optional sample feed system

The H12000

Rena H12000 large scale finishing 3d printed am metal parts

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  • Integrates seamlessly into larger industrial additive manufacturing processes
  • Handle the part feed from up to 25 AM-printers
  • Can handle 4 different materials at once
  • Parallel post processing of up to 500 parts per hour