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Deburring bulk metal parts by hand or even with hand-held power tools is costly and prone to inconsistent quality. Fintek has over 40 years of experience in developing mass part deburring processes combining surface finishing machine, process media and optimum cycle time to ensure repeatable high quality precision finishing every time. From very thin and small workpieces through to parts weighing up to 200Kg we have a machine that we can optimise to your needs.

  • Up to 99% timesaving over hand deburring
  • Fast payback
  • Perfect deburred surfaces
  • Repeatable process ensures quality
  • Optimum deburring process designed for you
  • Multiple processes in single cycle possible - ie. deburring, smoothing and edge honing
  • Subcontract service available - 24 hour turn around
  • Buy machine and process media


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