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Palms – Micro-finishing using Plasma Additive Layer Manufacture Smoothing

Designed and developed by Wallwork's Cambridge research and development centre and their machine build division, Palms introduces a new electrochemical plasma method of metal material removal.

The Palms process unlocks the design freedom promised by the additive manufacturing of metal parts but which is compromised by the general poor surface finish of AM builds.

It works on any method of metal component manufacture but is especially ideal for smoothing the macro-finish (10-50µm) of AM parts quickly and cost effectively, producing a micro-finish smooth surface to less than 0.1µm, often in less than 20 minutes.

palms before after processing

This considerably improves the part's mechanical and aesthetic performance, increasing real-world applications for AM parts that would otherwise not reach the surface quality required.

Palms at a glance

  • Micro-finish smoothness to less than 0.1µm
  • Ideal for 3D printed metal builds or conventional parts
  • Even surface finishing for complex shapes
  • Quick and cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly using non-toxic water based electrolytes
  • Available exclusively from Fintek
  • Machine supply or subcontract services
  • Sample processing available

Going Beyond Palms

If the level of smoothing offered by the Palms process is not sufficient for your needs, Fintek also offer the OTEC high precision, high energy stream surface finishing process used for parts in F1, aerospace and medical devices. Your part's surface finish can be taken to an amazing mirror-like smoothness of Ra 0.01μm in a short cycle time.

If removing support structures are your problem, then take a look at our RENA Hirtisation process, this reaches deep internal surfaces to efficiently remove all support structures as well as surface smoothing.

Combining Palms with stream finishing and or Hirtisation processes is only possible at Fintek, the UK's leading surface finishing experts for machined and additively manufactured parts.

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Stream Finishing