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Metal Surface Finishing Methods

Fintek specialise in precision workpiece super finishing methods. We use mostly German made OTEC Präzisionsfinish equipment. As their UK agent we are able to draw on the company’s in-depth knowledge gained from providing metal parts micro-finishing to global companies.

We are happy to sell the process, including machine, or run your parts as a sub contract service, saving you the capital outlay. Typical finishing methods include:

Drag Finishing

Workpieces are clamped to specially designed holders that are then dragged in a circular motion through media contained in a drum. High speed and high contact pressure often achieves edge rounding, smoothing and polishing in a single cycle. During processing the workpieces are securely held in place and are prevented from contacting each other.

Disc Finishing

Centrifugal disc finishing is a mass finishing process developed for the surface treatment of work pieces. The process is carried out in a cylindrical container which is open at the top and in the bottom of which is a spinning disc, separated from the container wall by a gap. During operation, the work pieces and the grinding or polishing media in which they are immersed, rotate at a high speed, creating a toroidal abrasive polishing effect.

Stream Finishing

The SF stream finishing machine (also referred to as an immersion polishing unit) is a completely new concept which delivers short processing times, easy automation and excellent reliability. It produces a first-class mirror finish even inside the flutes. It is also called a spindle finishing machine.

Full Inspection and Quality Control

Our inspection and quality control lab ensures all micro finished and polished components meet the exacting standards agreed with you.