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Pre-polishing, Polishing and Fine Polishing Alloy Wheels for the Automotive Industry

IPS produce Industry 4.0 ready networked systems for the automatic surface treatment, deburring and polishing of alloy wheels and workpieces up to 950mm in diameter.

Their vibratory polishing and grinding systems are made in Germany and integrated worldwide in complex manufacturing production processes. This video shows fully automated alloy wheel surface finishing with robot loading and unloading.

Importantly, the abrasive effect is controllable and acts on all surfaces of the alloy wheel.

alloy wheel finishing robot

The Intelligent Polishing Systems INNO series, with a pneumatic extendable mandrel, is a vibratory isotropic super finishing process. Versions of INNO are available for manual operation or can come complete with PLC control for full automation and integration into large-scale manufacturing systems.

With extensive Industry 4.0 capabilities the INNO series is perfect for new production lines or as a plug-in upgrade for your aging vibratory machines. Smart factory interface connections enable full automation of alloy wheel processing, with full quality control, data acquisition and monitoring.

touch control

A range of standard machine configurations is available or ‘specials’ can be engineered to accommodate unusual load specifications or automated production requirements. Speak to our experts to find out more.