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Surface Super Finishing for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

There is no other industry where the impact of the quality of surface finishing is more acutely felt. Medical devices, implants and prosthesis made from stainless steel, titanium and ceramics have a direct effect on patient outcomes and quality of life post operation.

Hospitals, surgeons and patients all benefit from the surface improvements afforded by modern mass finishing equipment.

Fintek work closely with experts in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries to develop and deliver subcontract super finishing services to meet or exceed the performance goal – whether it is a scalpel, endoscope, knee replacement or other implant.

We can also provide surface finishing machines and support for in-house use and are always happy to advise on the best approach.

Precision performance parts finishing processes for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries include deburring, fine grinding, edge honing / radiusing, smoothing, polishing. Usually more than one process is combined into a single cycle time, ensuring a superior part on visual inspection alone.

Typical Parts we Super Finish:

The benefits:

  • Produces a superior part – visually and confirmed by testing
  • Surface smoothness values to Ra 0.01μm
  • Reduced friction wear for better patient outcomes
  • Higher, repeatable quality reduces likelihood of post-operative failures
  • Removes inconsistencies of hand finishing
Knee replacement
Knee replacement
Hip replacement component finishing
Hip replacement component finishing
Component Finishing
Component Finishing