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Turbine Blade, Blisk and Precision Machined Aerospace Metal Part Surface Super Finishing

The commercial considerations of running a financially viable airline has driven the demand for metal components that contribute to meeting the most stringent safety requirements while reducing overall weight without compromising strength and saving operational costs by reducing fuel consumption.

Advances in metallurgical materials and new additive manufacturing methods are all having an impact. So too are developments in extreme performance surface super finishing. At Fintek we can provide surface finishes impossible to achieve by hand in a fraction of the time. From small connectors with difficult external threads, through single turbine blades, to full blisks, we have the right process for you.

Mirror like finish on turbine blades.

Fintek are certified to EN9100 and can advise on super surface finishing for most aerospace precision engineered components. We work closely with engineers to develop and deliver subcontract super finishing services to meet or exceed the part’s performance and commercial objectives.

We can also provide surface finishing machines and support for their in-house use and are able to advise on the best approach.

Precision engineered parts’ finishing processes for aerospace manufacturers include deburring, fine grinding, edge honing / radiusing, smoothing and polishing. Usually more than one process is combined into a single quick cycle time, giving a superior finish on visual inspection alone.

Besides metal surface improvement prior to the application of advanced hard coatings, we can provide additional fine surface finishing after coating has taken place. We are able to do this using processes that remove minimal material while substantially refining the surface of the coated part by removing hard droplets that form during coating. Such droplets compromise the part’s surface and can cause costly damage should they break off when the part is in use.

Typical Aerospace Parts we Process

  • Connectors with difficult to finish threads
  • Turbine blades
  • Blisks
  • Actuation gears

The Benefits:

  • Produces a superior part – visually and confirmed by testing
  • Surface smoothness better than Ra 0.02μm
  • Reduced friction wear for better performance (e.g. turbine blades: helps save fuel)
  • Longer part life helping to reduce service intervals
  • Removes inconsistencies of hand finishing
  • Scales from single components to mass finishing