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Edge Honing - Increase Wear Resistance of Cutting Edges and Improve Process Cycles and Product Quality

Edge honing, also referred to as edge rounding or radiusing, stabilizes the cutting edge of cutting tools made from brittle materials such as carbide to greatly extend their flake and wear resistance. This increases cutting tool life to save you money, raises productivity by reducing tool changes and improves quality through better cutting action. Rounding can also be applied to workpieces in general to preserve edge integrity. Important is precision in the rounding process to ensure profile tolerances are maintained, this is easily and quickly achieved with our range of machines - far surpassing the efficiency of any hand based process.

  • Cutting tool life increased up to 300%
  • Precise honing of cutting edges
  • Homogeneous polishing of the flute
  • Removal of coating droplets
  • Repeatable process ensures quality
  • Optimum edge honing process designed for any part
  • Quick and efficient
  • Subcontract service available
  • Buy machine and process media


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