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Stream Finishing Machines Offering Fully Automated Surface Finishing

Performance Superfinishing with Automatic Loading and Unloading

Exclusively available in the UK from Fintek, OTEC Präzisionsfinish stream finishing machines offer deburring, rounding and smoothing in a single, short processing cycle that does not compromise the dimensions or contours of the workpiece.

Workpieces, clamped in a holder are lowered into a rotating container of media. Path-controlled motion allows precise areas of a workpiece to be processed. Even difficult to reach regions such as small chip flutes can be targeted. Holders can be customised to meet any requirement.

SF machines achieve surface smoothness to Ra 0.01µm making them a true superfinishing system.

Fully automated loading systems are available to meet in-line production needs in automotive, aerospace and other precision industries. 

Pulse Finishing

OTEC’s patented pulse drive technology can be specified for SF units. Developed specifically for automotive and toolmaking customers, pulse finishing produces rapid relative motion between the media and workpiece by quickly changing the direction of rotation of the heads. High speed acceleration and deceleration increases the finishing forces exerted on the workpiece making it possible to deburr, round and smooth surfaces from Rpk 0.2µm to 0.1µm in under a minute.

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All SF stream finishing machines from Fintek feature:

  • Manual to fully automated system options.
  • Multiple finishing tasks possible in a single process.
  • High throughput for maximum productivity.
  • Choice of process media, compounds and solutions.
  • Expert installation service.
  • Support and after sales care.

SF Manual Series

stream finishing machine sf5 manual
  • Manual loading – ideal for small-series production.
  • Deburring, rounding and smoothing in a single, quick process.
  • Pulse finishing option available.

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SF Automation Series

stream finishing machine sf3 automation
  • Fully automated loading of workpieces.
  • Ideal for production lines with predefined cycle times.
  • Pulse finishing option available.

SF 1 with Chain Loader

stream finishing machine sf1 with chain loader
  • Automated tool finishing – wet and dry.
  • Automatic changing of tools via a chain loader with 64 positions.
  • Tool diameter 3-18mm, approx. length 150mm, set up time per tool approx. 14.5 seconds.

For processing large components see

SF-HP Large Component Stream Finishing


Going Beyond

In addition to OTEC stream finishing machines, Fintek supply the full range of CF disc, DF drag and EF electro finishing machines. From bench-top to series production fully automated and robot assisted, find out more.

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