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Wet and Dry Disc Finishing Machines for Fast and Efficient Mass Finishing

One Machine for Deburring, Smoothing, Grinding, Edge Rounding and Polishing

Exclusively available in the UK from Fintek, OTEC Präzisionsfinish disc finishing machines offer unrivalled reliable and repeatable high quality workpiece surface finishing.

Metal component deburring, fine grinding, smoothing, edge radiusing and polishing are simple to automate with a CF.

Using an open drum with a rotating base plate (disc), polishing and grinding media are set in motion to produce a toroidal stream in which workpieces are added. The powerful centrifugal finishing forces between the media and workpieces are up to 20 times more effective than traditional methods.

Uniquely to OTEC machines, their zero-gap disc-to-drum technology allows extremely delicate and thin workpieces, with a sheet thickness of just 0.08mm, to be processed.

From simple bench-top to multi-drum large capacity systems for mass finishing, Fintek can meet your surface finishing production needs.

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All disc finishing machines from Fintek feature:

  • Exceptional OTEC design and build quality
  • Low capital investment
  • Optional separating units and accessories
  • Choice of process media, compounds and solutions
  • Expert installation service
  • Support and after sales care

CF Standard Series

The OTEC CF series disc finishing machines - standard
  • Ideal for finishing cutting, turning, milling and stamping tools, jewellery
  • Modular: 1-4 process drums
  • Easy to operate via colour touch panel – up to 5000 storable programmes
  • Wet and dry finishing
  • Unique zero gap system for wet finishing fine workpieces
  • Integrated options for remote machine maintenance and control
  • Reliable and cost effective

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Otec CF1x50 centrifugal disc finishing machine
  • Built to full CF standard
  • Compact design to fit limited space
  • Built-in storage for two compound containers and a waste water pumping station with a tray.
  • Also accommodates process containers with the patented zero gap system for wet finishing
  • Colour touch display for intuitive operation
  • Store and retrieve 5,000 programs
  • Can be operated remotely

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CF Element Series

disc finishing machine cf element
  • Single drum on steel frame
  • Based on proven CF standard
  • Affordable wet and dry finishing
  • Low investment, fast returns
  • Easy step into larger CF range

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CF-T Series

disc finishing machine cf t series
  • High performance benchtop disc finishing
  • Frequency inverter speed control
  • Digital display

ECO Maxi

eco maxi2
  • 3 in 1 Magnetic, wet and dry polishing
  • Modular bench-top design
  • Three different finishing processes in a single machine
  • Accesses intricate areas of workpieces
  • Savings as much as 60% compared with conventional finishing

Going Beyond

In addition to OTEC disc finishing machines, Fintek supply the full range of DF drag, EF electro and SF  stream finishing machines. From bench-top to series production fully automated and robot assisted, find out more.

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