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Drag Finishing Machines for Medium Size to Large Scale Production

Perfect Results: High-Precision Edge Rounding, Smoothing and Mirror-like Finishing

Exclusively available in the UK from Fintek, OTEC Präzisionsfinish drag finishing machines offer extremely high quality surface finishing in short process times.

Specially designed holders (over a hundred types available) enable quick workpiece mounting for optimum productivity. These are then dragged in a circular motion through the process medium.

Up to ten holders can be specified. Speed of rotation and angle of emersion in the media can be finely controlled via a touch screen.

A water cooling system keeps polishing media at a low temperature – extending the life of the process media and maintaining consistent quality even at high speeds.

The unique holders eliminate any possible contact between workpieces during the process cycle.

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All drag finishing machines from Fintek feature:

  • High build quality using the best materials and components.
  • Short processing times – usually just minutes.
  • Quick workpiece loading for maximum throughput.
  • Choice of process media, compounds and solutions.
  • Expert installation service.
  • Support and after sales care.

DF 3/4 HD Series

OTEC Drag Finishing machine - DF 3 HD
  • Finishing workpieces in small to medium production runs.
  • Easy to use touch display.
  • Stores up to 500 process configurations.
  • Dual motor drive.

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DF 5/6 HD Series

drag finishing machine hd series
  • Finishing workpieces in large-scale industrial production.
  • Automatic door for fast workpiece change over.
  • Stores up to 500 process configurations.

Going Beyond

In addition to OTEC drag finishing machines, Fintek supply the full range of CF disc, EF electro and SF  stream finishing machines. From bench-top to series production fully automated and robot assisted, find out more.

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