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Electro-Finishing - Takes Surfaces To a New Gloss Level

OTEC’s latest-generation electro-finishing machine takes surface processing of engineered components to a new gloss level.

Particularly for complex geometries and 3D printed parts, OTEC electro-finishing technology is the perfect complement to other mass finishing processes. Delivering high-gloss results even in hard-to-reach areas in components made from stainless steel, steel, brass, silver, cobalt chrome and titanium.

Typical engineered parts benefitting from electro finishing

The OTEC EF machine uses special polymer particles suspended in an ionically conductive liquid. Unlike conventional electrochemical polishing, this technology involves the workpieces moving (rotating) through the abrasive, ensuring that it circulates uniformly around the part.

How OTEC electro finishing works - diagram

The media moves around in the electrolytic (conductive) liquid. Voltage between the cathode  and anode ensures that the particles keep moving. The particles make contact with the metal ions on the workpiece surface produced by the voltage (roughness peaks) and removes them. The metal surface of the workpiece is gradually smoothed to perfection.

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EF Performance

otec ef performance electro finishing machine
  • Low mechanical stress on workpieces
  • No bending or breakage
  • Uniform smoothing and minimal edge abrasion
  • No micro-scratches
  • No impact on microstructure
  • Reaches deep areas of the workpiece, even with complex geometries
  • Minimal media jamming thanks to tiny spherical finishing particles and/or pure liquid
  • Achieves roughness values as low as Ra 0.01μm
  • Low per-component energy consumption
  • Custom process definition with efficient parameters
  • Suitable for use by non-specialist personnel as it is not irritating to the skin


Electro-Finishing Brochure

EF Series Brochure

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