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OTEC EPAG Flex and EPAG Smart for Fast Precise Electro-polishing of Jewellery Pieces

rings before after electropolish2

Fintek are pleased to offer world renowned UK fine precious metal artisans, jewellery and watch makers, the EPAG Smart and Flex range of electropolishing machines from OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH.

EPAG Smart

otec epag smart
  • Suitable for cast and 3D printed jewellery
  • Finishes stone-set jewellery as well as intricate geometries
  • Easy metal recovery via deposition on cathodes
  • Easy-to-program the direction of rotation, voltage, processing time and speed via touch screen. Precise and repeatable
  • Process container cover with 4 holders, each for 4 jewellery pieces (16 processable in total)
  • Can be controlled by mobile phone application
  • Small desktop footprint: 570 x 350 x 610mm

EPAG Flex (modular)

otec epag flex
  • Modular design is ideal for larger jewellery manufacturers
  • Comes with one tank and easily scales-up by adding up to two more process tanks. Each tank can process up to 40 jewellery pieces at the same time.
  • Filter unit absorbs particles. Gold carried over into the bath during processing can be easily recovered by depositing onto the cathode
  • Easily programmable parameter management system
  • USB port for easy software updates
  • Completely cyanide-free process

OTEC ECO Maxi and ECO Mini – Disc Finishing for Jewellery Polishing

For jewellery makers, OTEC have also developed compact versions of their ground-breaking industrial CF disc finishing machines. These are the ECO Maxi and ECO Mini, both table-top, easy to use, units.

ECO Maxi

OTEC Eco Maxi - disc polishing for jewellery
  • Low investment, low space requirement – table-top
  • Three processes in one unit – magnetic, wet and dry polishing
  • Fine polishing granulate ensures material removal in the micro range
  • Diamonds, zirconia or pearls in their settings are not damaged

ECO Mini

otec eco mini
  • Tiny footprint even on a table-top
  • Quickly restores tarnished and worn jewellery to showcase standard
  • Available in wet and dry versions
  • Built-in timer

For Medium to Large Scale Jewellery Production

For more robust pieces or larger processing quantities, whether made from precious or non-precious metals, Fintek are able to offer the OTEC CF disc and DF drag ranges of finishing machines. These come in variants from single to large multi-bowl systems and also have optional separation units.

CF Disc Finishing

The OTEC CF series disc finishing machines - standard
  • Ideal for medium to large scale jewellery and decorative piece manufacturers.
  • Modular: 1-6 drum
  • 7.5 inch colour touch panel – up to 1000 storable programmes
  • Wet and dry finishing
  • Integrated options for remote machine maintenance and control


Disc Finishing

Drag Finishing


EPAG Flex - modular electropolishing system for larger jewellery producers

Epag Smart - low capital outlay table-top electropolishing machine

Automated jewellery finishing and polishing - electopolishing and disc finishing machines