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Fintek Show Advances in Surface Finishing Large Components and 3D Printed Metal Parts on Stand 19-26, Mach 2022

Featuring on the Fintek stand 19-26, at Mach 2022, is the automation of the surface finishing of larger components and new electro-chemical processes for the removal of support structures and finishing of internal and external surfaces of additively manufactured parts.

"Since the last show, there have been significant advances in surface finishing for traditionally engineered parts and metal components manufactured by 3D printing. From OTEC Präzisionsfinish we have the new SF-HP which brings fully automated high-energy stream finishing to workpieces of 650mm in diameter and 650mm long and weighing up to 200kg. From RENA Technologies, we have the Hirtisation® process that finally resolves one of additive manufacturing's major hinderances, the cost effective and efficient removal of support structures, residues and the smoothing of hard to reach internal surfaces and deep cavities," said managing director, Jonathan Dean.

In addition to the new systems, we are keen to show improvements made by OTEC across the full range of CF – disc finishing, DF – drag finishing and SF – stream finishing machines for deburring, edge honing, smoothing and mirror-like polishing metal parts, from the extremely small and thin right up to aircraft landing gear. From table-top variants to fully automated systems with robotic loading and unloading for inline production, our stand team will be able to advise you on the best process for any metal part.

"In an exclusive deal with a UK company, we will also be introducing another new technology for finishing the internal and external surfaces of 3D printed metal components.  In 40 years providing UK manufacturers in aerospace, motorsport, medical devices and more, with world leading surface finishing machines and subcontract finishing services, this is the most exciting time for major advances in the technology," Jonathan concluded.

Fintek is a ISO9001 and AS9100 accredited company.

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MACH 2022 logo Fintek Stand 19-26
OTEC SF-HP stream finishing for larger metal parts
H3000 for removing AM support structures and smoothing 3D printed part surfaces
Removing support structures and surface finishing 3D printed metal parts - before and after
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