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Fintek at Mach 2022 – Engineering Surfaces for Aerospace, Motorsport, Medical Devices and More


Fintek are UK agents for OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH and we will have a strong showing at Mach on stand (number to be confirmed. Advances in mass surface finishing technology, including Industry 4.0 readiness and high performance stream finishing, will be centre stage.

Of interest to many, will be high energy stream finishing, particularly OTEC’s ‘Pulsfinish’. This patented technology produces rapid relative motion between the process media and workpiece by speedily changing the direction of rotation of the work-holding heads in a programmed and controlled way. Fast acceleration and deceleration intensifies the finishing forces on the workpiece, deburring effectively, rounding edges and evenly smoothing surfaces from Rpk 0.2µm to 0.1µm, in less than a minute.

OTEC stream finishing machines, with new step control, are also proving effective superfinishing for aerospace turbine blade producers. Step control enables the blade angle to be changed during processing so specific surfaces can be targeted for precise material removal, without affecting the integrity of the vitally important blade profile – especially leading and trailing edges. Recently, Fintek applied OTEC stream finishing, with step control, in a research project sponsored by Innovate UK, to assess its effectiveness in mass finishing additively manufactured parts. The ability to accurately target areas of an AM part is a promising breakthrough for mass finishing.

Since we were last at Mach, OTEC has redesigned their CF (centrifugal) range of disc finishing machines. An all-new compact modular welded construction gives the machines a conservative footprint, making them easy to install where floor space is at a premium. Better storage for compound container and pumping station eliminates a trip hazards and helps to keep a tidy factory floor. Operator input is made simple through a bigger colour touch screen that can store 1000 surface finishing programmes to ensure accurate process repeatability. Additional integrated Industry 4.0 options allow greater remote machine maintenance and control. Importantly, the new CF series keeps OTEC’s patented zero-gap disc to drum technology that allows very fine and thin workpieces, down to a sheet thickness of 0.08mm, to be processed.

OTEC’s drag, disc, stream and stream with pulse finishing, machines are able to meet the rigorous standards of surface finishing required by aerospace, motorsport, automotive, medical device, tool making and other precision industries.

“With ISO9001 and AS9100 accreditation, we use the same OTEC machines within our subcontract division and therefore have a wealth of experience to contribute to customers seeking the best surface finishing options to meet their needs,” commented Jamie Phillips, Fintek operations manager.

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Jamie Phillips, Operations Manager, E-mail: info@fintek.co.uk, Tel. +44 (0)1706 283 927


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OTEC SF stream finishing system with robot loading and unloading
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