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Otec DF Machine Extends Life and Boosts Performance of HSS and Carbide Tools

The cutting edge condition of HSS and carbide tools is critical to their stability, reliability and life expectancy in use. Tiny burrs formed during the manufacturing process are usually the cause of early failures. Any benefits of protective coatings are compromised when applied over these burrs. When the tool is first used the burrs break off to form a ‘bare spot’ which wears rapidly. Fintek offer a subcontract service to solve these problems for manufacturers without capital outlay.

Processing HSS and carbide tools in an Otec DF machine removes the burrs, ensures a uniformed honed edge and smoother surface finish, no matter what the geometry, before protective coatings are applied.

Tools that have been processed in an Otec DF machine run more smoothly when in use and the risk of edge chipping is reduced. Improved edge stability means higher cutting speeds can be achieved to boost productivity. Importantly, tool life can be extended by three or four times over an untreated tool, meaning cost savings as tools work harder and longer. In addition, once the optimum deburring process has been set-up, the finishing quality is 100 percent repeatable and helps to lower unit costs.

We have vast experience solving deburring problems for manufacturers, both as a subcontractor and machine supplier. The new DF holders and processing capability, designed specifically for HSS and carbide tools, means we are really getting down to the microscopic level of surface perfection to extend tool life and performance. Through our subcontract service this technology is available to everyone without significant capital outlay. It is also a great way to trial the Otec DF finishing machine and deburring process, if an equipment purchase is being considered.

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