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Meet the New OTEC SF1-Automation – The Dream Stream Finishing Machine for Tool and Parts Manufacturers

Just when you thought stream finishing couldn’t get any quicker or easier to integrate into fast flowing production, OTEC Präzisionsfinish produce the SF1-Automation. As in Germany, in the UK ‘productivity’ is the word on every manufacturer’s lips.

The SF1-Automation features a chain loader with 64 positions which can change in diameter according to the workpiece or tool to be processed. Tools ranging from 3mm to 32mm in diameter can be finished in a single batch. When the processing cycle is complete the tools are returned to their loading sleeves. Tool change time takes just 14.5 seconds.

OTEC machines are renowned for their reliability and surface finishing quality – from standard right through to extreme performance super finishing. The SF1-Automation further boosts productivity through the ability to load and unload without stopping, helping to generate significant returns on capital investment.

Smoothing, polishing, edge rounding, deburring and removing coating droplets are all tasks at which the SF1 excels. A combination of these is usually performed in a single operation, for example deburr, round and smooth. Roughness values as small as Ra 0.01 µm are easily achievable.

Cycle process times range from 30 to 300 seconds for each tool, depending on the complexity of the geometry and target quality of finish. The SF1 is ideal for both dry and wet finishing and is also fitted with a lifting unit for incoming tools.

Various drum sizes can be specified and appropriate media/compounds selected. As OTEC’s UK agents, Fintek are able to supply everything you require including installation, training and support. As an ISO9001 and AS9100 accredited company, with over 30 years’ experience working with engineers in aerospace, automotive, medical device and other precision industries, we are happy to advise on the best machine for your application.

If you need more reassurance, send a test tool/part and we will process it to find the best combination of machine, media/compound and cycle time to meet your commercial aims. Call us on now 01706 82 5819.

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