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Covid 19 – Back to Work Machine Check-up Offer

As we all transition back to work during this new phase of tackling the coronavirus pandemic, adapting our workplaces to create safer working environments is a major concern for us all.

  • For all your surface finishing needs, free over the phone and e-mail technical advice is available. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Machines been silent for too long? Before switch-on, it is the best time to give them a check over. Until the end of September we are offering a reduced cost on-site maintenance visit to ensure they are ready for action and run smoothly. We can also arrange for regular planned preventative maintenance visits.
  • Unable to bring in sufficient staff safely to resume hand finishing? Not a problem. We offer comprehensive subcontract services to surface finish parts to standards not achievable by hand. If in doubt, why not send us a sample for free processing.
  • Want to use this opportunity to take your in-house surface finishing to the next level? We can match your needs with the most advanced range of machines from OTEC.
  • Worried about media and consumable supplies? Don’t be. We carry stocks for OTEC in the UK and can restock directly from OTEC quickly. There are no shortages and no delays in the supply chain.
  • Wondering if we can process your additively manufactured parts? Yes, we can. Talk to one of our technicians.

Whether you are an engineer in aerospace, motorsport, medical devices or other precision industries, our technicians, while following safety guidance, are here to help you with your surface finishing requirements during this ‘back to work’ phase of Covid-19.


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Jamie Phillips, Operations Manager, E-mail: info@fintek.co.uk, Tel. +44 (0)1706 283 927


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