Otec DF Machine Extends Life and Boosts Performance of HSS and Carbide Tools

The cutting edge condition of HSS and carbide tools is critical to their stability, reliability and life expectancy in use. Tiny burrs formed during the manufacturing process are usually the cause of early failures. Any benefits of protective coatings are compromised when applied over these burrs. When the tool is first used the burrs break off to form a ‘bare spot’ which wears rapidly. Fintek offer a subcontract service to solve these problems for manufacturers without capital outlay.

Orbitool - In-process Deburring of Cross-drilled Holes

The problems associated with hand deburring cross-drilled and back-faced holes are eliminated by the Orbitool, available in the UK from Fintek. The Orbitool is the only in-process tool capable of removing burrs from the intersection of holes and is ideal for use on CNC machines, freeing the operator to concentrate on quality and high levels of throughput.

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