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OTEC EPAG-Smart Dental for the Automated Polishing of Dental Frames, Implants and Parts

Dental labs and dentists are fast adopting additive manufacturing technologies to save time and money. Dental frames and implants are being made to fit better by the process of 3D printing patterns for casting CoCr frameworks, clasps and implants.

Electro-polishing is a cost effective way to finish denture clasps, implants and other dental parts. OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH, with the input of dental laboratory Flussfisch, developed the electropolishing method of table-top EPAG-Smart T Dental to be even more efficient than traditional units and made it more compact to seamlessly fit into any dental lab workflow.

Assuming processing of 5 parts per day, the EPAG-Smart T Dental pays for itself in 254 days. Download the Epag-Smart T Dental flyer (pdf file) for a return on investment breakdown.

epag smart dental product

EPAG-Smart T Dental

  • Homogeneous processing even on difficult to access surfaces
  • Automation reduces processing work by up to 50%
  • Processing time: 20 minutes to a high-gloss polish
  • Easy-to-program, store and recall process parameters for precise repeatability
  • Maintains fine and intricate geometries with no deformation
  • Can be controlled by mobile phone application
  • Small desktop footprint and requires only standard mains power
  • No artificial limit on process media use helps to keep lifetime costs low

epag smart dental features